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What is it?

Welcome to the MAJORING IN MEN® Curriculum! We are delighted to extend greetings on behalf of men from Cincinnati to Singapore, and from New York to Nepal, who are stepping up to the challenge of MAJORING IN MEN®.

Dr. Cole's prayer, as you work through this workbook and its corresponding book, is for God to reveal Himself and yourself, pinpointing areas of your life for change and encouraging you in your strengths, convictions and dreams.

Some men will skim through and receive some help. Others — and Dr. Cole trusted this means you — will read the books, meditate on the truths and memorize the principles, all with the ambition of becoming great men of courage, mighty men of valor — the heroes desperately needed in today's world.

Our goal is for you to be changed, educated and, most of all, deepened in conviction and revelation that comes only from drawing close to God. Dr. Cole's dream in preparing this course is for men to rise up throughout the world to study further, teach better and reach more men than he did. To that end and for that purpose, Dr. Cole devoted his life and labor.

This may well be one of the most life-changing experiences in your life. Let it be. Better yet — make it be. Like Dr. Cole always said, “Truth is like soap. It works only if it's applied.”

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